Our Ears are Burning...
And we love it!


Sean did an incredible job with our wedding video! He was a pleasure to work with and very responsive to any inquiries/questions I had. I didn't even notice he was there filming. It was very natural and not at all right in your face but close enough to capture all of the special moments. Even though he was only a one man show, he had several cameras set up around the venue to capture everything. We almost didn't have a videographer because of the cost but in the end made sure we had it in our budget to afford. If you are on the fence of whether or not to have video on your special day, please don't skip this detail. I can't thank Sean enough for his attention to detail. I will recommend him to everyone that inquires about this for any occasion!~ Amber

We love it! We honestly got back more than we expected. Captured some really great moments.~ Edgar

I learned from my wedding that you get what you pay for, but your video was one thing I was absolutely thrilled with. I was VERY glad you did my video and the price was great too so you had the best of both worlds. I watch my wedding video every couple months!~ Sydney

First off, this is out of the park! Kristin and I are very pleased with your production...Everything is awesome. The background, the instrumental music, and the timing. Your professional assistance in this project will drive Kristin’s presence above all others, in my humble opinion.~ Wayne

Russ and Sean did an amazing job being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. They seemed to be enjoying themselves during our wedding and made sure to capture all of the fun, love, and excitement of our big day.~ Courtney

There’s a lot that goes on during the wedding that you will either miss or would love to see over and over again. They capture it all for you. I also received many compliments from our guests about how professional and personal Video Excellence* was. I would recommend them to everyone.~ Liz

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