Make a Payment

A deposit of $500 is required to book your date.
Final payment is due when your video is completed.

For your convenience, we accept cash (exact amount only), checks, money orders, and all major credit cards.
PLEASE NOTE: Reserving your event date with an online deposit states that you have read, understand, and agree to all Terms and Conditions as they appear on this page.


You are hiring One 17 Films to produce a video with high quality images, audio, and professional editing techniques. Your finished product will be on DVD.

Hourly coverage is contiguous. Additional costs including tolls, parking, travel, and lodging may be billed separately. All photos, videos, and/or music provided by you to be included in your DVD must be received by One 17 Films at least 7 (seven) days prior to your event date. Any photos, videos and/or music received after the event may delay the completion time as well as incur additional fees.

Since your event is live, our production quality guarantee is limited to events and circumstances within our control. We have no control over who may appear at your event and ultimately, in your video. We have no control over the sound of car alarms during wedding vows. The sound of fans cannot be removed. These are examples of some situations that may occur during the taping of a live event. We make every effort to provide you with a quality production within our control.

You agree to allow us to shoot and edit at our discretion. You may view your video at our studio upon completion. Should there be issues with audio, video, or spelling errors made on our behalf, they will be resolved at no cost to you. Content changes that you request, including the addition or removal of any video, any audio, and/or music, are billable at our normal hourly rate. You must notify us of any changes within 72 hours of receiving your completed video.

If we are unable to comply with the terms listed for reasons within our control, we will issue a refund check to you in the amount of all payments received. We assume no liability other than refunding payments received. We assume no liability for damage or loss of photos, videos and/or recorded music or any material sent to or from One 17 Films by mail or courier service. We strongly suggest that you insure anything of value that you send to us. All photos, videos, music, invitations and anything to be included in the completed DVD (with the exception of honeymoon photos and/or video) must be provided to One 17 Films no later than seven days prior to the event date. Failure to do this may result in production delays and additional editing fees.

To reserve your event date, a retainer fee of $500.00 is required. If the total production price is less than $500, the required retainer fee is 50% of the total price. The retainer fee is deducted from the total price. If you cancel your production agreement within 7 (seven) days of One 17 Films receiving your retainer fee, you will receive a refund of the retainer fee. If you cancel your production agreement after 7 (seven) days following the date we received your retainer fee, One 17 Films will issue you a credit letter for the exact amount of all payments received, which may be applied toward a future One 17 Films production or transferred to someone of your choice. If the event schedule or locations change, please contact us immediately.

One 17 Films reserves the right to use your original video and audio for promotion, publication, and any legal purposes including professional competitions. All raw footage and edited master DVD will remain the property of One 17 Films unless other arrangements have been made. IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE THE RAW FOOTAGE OF YOUR EVENT, IT WILL NOT BE ARCHIVED. An edited master DVD will be stored for at least two years. No DVD or raw footage may be taken from One 17 Films until the balance is paid in full. Final payment for your video is due when the video is completed. Completed videos with an unpaid balance are subject to a storage fee of $50.00 per month, applied to the unpaid balance, beginning 30 days after the completion date.